Poem for the everyday's

Here's a poem I wrote for the everyday's. Everyday is a challenge with all the obstacles to overcome and pass with through. We need to find humor in our everyday life so that life, as what Tim Hansel had said, becomes precious and more special to us...it is to look for the little everyday miracles and get excited about the privileges of simply being human.

For a way to change the subject.
For the tiny sip of the wine

And simply retrieving some ice
from the freezer.

For the amused gases, wide grins,
and strange expressions.

For the differences.
For the writing itch

And the sense of sensibility
imposed upon the poet.

For a night with San Miguel.
For the things that must be made

Plain and simple.
For the best and worst of days alike.

For the mysterious
yet through acute discernment

There's always the
height and weight

As a baseline measurement
reflecting the exact thoughts?

For the path to be taken.
For the smile

That would have melted steel
in the face of an emotional challenge.

For the clear and present danger.
For the chance to do

Something good for someone else.
For togetherness.

For the power of Love.
For Hope. For Faith.

For all of which doing God's glory.
For immortality.


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