A night with San Miguel

This poem should have been written and done a long time ago. But it was only just recently that I had actually finished it. As a poet, I had a lot of unfinished poems. I would always come up with a good idea at the beginning, deliberate and slow at the middle, and only time will tell how it's going to end up what. That's for my deeper poems. But as for the light verses, especially the aphoristic poetry, I could write as many a poem as I can in a single day. 'A Night with San Miguel' is that Muse with intense, intelligent eyes to watch my every move like a bird of prey, revealing a self-portrait of what is the Birth of Sensibility.

Took a picture, I still
wasn't sure how I'll interpret
the night or you.

Initially, I thought that
I needed to fill the long silences
between us with words

But your presence is
creative effort to promote
the rediscovery of one's self--

Like "what's wrong?"--
I am not certain it would be simple
as all that.

The illusion that most of us
would eventually graft
are just brimming

With beliefs, attitudes,
judgment calls and crank theories
to make matters worse or better.

Yet it was there. I saw
the tightness about your mouth
and smiled reassuringly.

Through the long shadows
of the evening, I reached my hand
across the gap that separated us

And if I'm not pleased with the capture,
pushing one or two buttons erases it,
freeing up space on the camera's memory.


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