I can tell you a story

I can tell you a story when you're supposed to be hearing somebody else telling you something important. Something, like some things are on a crawl and perhaps the mind as well has to weave what the story-ness of a thing must become. I applied for a position where I know I would excel at with only to find out that such an attempt would be just what the story I was telling you about somebody else telling me something has diminished. I'm hired to my self.

It felt altogether funny and stupid. But perhaps I can tell you a story you'd like to hear out of your boredom. Boredom, when everything comes to full awareness and you can only yawn at that. Smile, take a deep breath and listen to my story. Or perhaps you can serve me first a cup of hot coffee before anything else and the story would be told about in fragments later on. I can tell you a story according to your taste. Has anyone told you something murky already? Not that it matters but a thought could sometimes be screwed up, twisted, and rolled into. Like when you hear somebody else farting in the loudness of it and style, there goes the humor. The more if you'll, upon hearing it, be whistling it all out to satisfaction.

You probably might be wondering what I'm talking about, eh? Well, well, well. It's just a story I've been told with of lately. It's all about being with and not being with what a story can weave out of you all at once. Lessons being learned so make the best out of it next time around. Life, as what Shakespeare had said, is a tale told by an idiot. But it must be filled to the brim with the soundness of good intentions and the fury of a love. After all, no idiots could know how to tell a story with all of that.


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