Hugging Freedom

"Wonderfully amazing...makes me read your words again and again. I love your poetry and hope one day mine could compare".
     --Commented by Sarah Brown, a best friend of mine, upon reading my poem 'Hugging Freedom'.

Lost in the storm of your embrace
I sought to hold you
in any way I could
to feel the warmth of your touch

In what seemed a savage gesture.
You belongs to me: The spell
you wove about me
enmeshed me
like a spider’s web.

I could tell from the way
our fiery lips met;
the way our two bodies interweave,
so tightly locked up

In the rising heat
of the struggle. How sweet
of you to love;
how tangible your skin

As soft as the dove’s feathers
dipped in cream…
pleasantness surging back
into my face

And up to what
no words could define,
knocking at the frontiers
of my chained soul.


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