The glow had spread at will from mine closed eyes

This is one of the best sonnets I have ever had written. I wrote my first sonnet in college when someone had asked me to write a verse for her. When it comes to writing sonnets, William Shakespeare had the most influence on me and his iambic pentameter was my favorite pattern to use. It was during when I fell in love with Marianne Renoire--a character in Harold Robbin's novel "Never Love A Stranger"--that this sonnet has been written.

The glow had spread at will from mine closed eyes
From out the solid wall of a fine mist.
Where she appeared like whispering the lies
Yet weaving all the words for truth at best.
I told her, "I could clearly read your soul!"
And always looking for the telltale signs.
She smiled and said, "Upon me you must rule",
"Bring me to the place where love truly reigns."
"I think you needs a kiss now," I told her.
"That's so sweet," she said, her smile was beaming.
"Oh my gosh!", I exclaimed, "most sweet I swear!"
But all the while I was only dreaming.
She made a brave attempt to come to me
But yet I sobbed for what would never be.


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