Thursday, March 3, 2011

The color of your smile

  Would it be blue as the sea reflecting the sky? Would it be red as blood from whose hand the thorns of the rose it has gripped? Would it be white as the clouds? Would it be black as the darkness? Would it be green as the grasses in the fields and of the leaves of the trees? Too many a color to chose from where I could paint a smile. But, if you could tell me, what color is yours?

  Maybe it has no color at all. Or maybe you just won't show it. I grew up wondering where the rainbow gets its colors from but what I was told about I won't believe. A smile should always have a color. But, if you could tell me, what color is yours?

  I left it blank to let the color paint for itself. It shows me the rainbow of colors. Now I know what color is yours. It's not all about what the color should be but for that rainbow to be inverted to form a big smile.

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