Clear and present danger

Watching the news about Japan's devastating earthquake followed by a tsunami reminds me of  the horrible things happening in the past. It reminds me of  what happened to Thailand, Indonesia, and the rest of coastal South Asia struck by a tsunami following a strong earthquake in 2004; it reminds me of Haiti and the great deluge that visited my country the Philippines in 2009 claiming precious lives and properties of many. I was reminded of the movie I watched two years ago, 2012. What was really happening in our world today? Is the world coming to an end and these are but just signs of the end of times?

If we are to base it in the Holy Bible, then all these things must be signs but the end is not yet. We are nearing to that new order of things and time to take place. It is not the purpose of this writing to scare you, my dear readers, but to encourage you to hold on more to your faith instead. This is not the time to argue if whether God exists or not, but the time to pray and to take the path of righteousness. I've read so many atheism books to begin with one of the most controversial of  atheists, Friedrich Nietzsche. But they all just can't bring it to the point so as to convince me to approve of their claims, beliefs, and philosophies. They were, without doubt, among the world's best of free thinkers but only to have lost track of their geniuses with the denial of the  existence of a Supreme Being or a God. I would like to say, on my personal belief, that man is designed to have God in the center of his life especially when difficult times come to surface. So that General Douglas McArthur once said of his World War II experience that, in the fox holes of Bataan there are no atheists.

Japan's geographical location belongs to the fault line called the Pacific Ring of Fire which extends from the Pacific coast of North and South America across the Pacific including some group of islands in the South Pacific, Indonesia and the nearby Islands, New Zealand, the Philippine Islands, all the way to Japan. It's not the first time that Japan experienced such a catastrophe but many times in the past the earthquakes and tsunamis have been endured with and survived. The word "tsunami" itself  is the  Japanese for a tidal wave. We can say that a strong earthquake could strike the Philippines within three years time as, like Japan, it belongs to that same Pacific Ring of Fire fault line. Or even anywhere else in the world. But, the question is, how much prepared are we?

The Japanese people have been anticipating and prepared all of these calamities they know would strike so that most of their buildings are engineered to withstand a very strong earthquake. But when nature strikes, it will caught us all off guard no matter how much prepared we are and have been. The Haitians suffered more casualties and damaged to structures than the Japanese were because of their poor building constructions and unpreparedness in general.

There's always that clear and and present danger we have to anticipate with as we go ahead and continue trekking on the journey of our lives. Some things we can't control but that will not prevent us from moving forward and to prepare ourselves for the worst all the time. Prepared in such a way that whatever happens to your self and the world wouldn't worry you much as you know where you will be when things clear up. We're just passing through to reach to the other side.


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