Bright Eyes

Poetry writing has always been a vehicle for me to express my inner thoughts and emotions. It was during one of those most trying moments of my life that this poem has been written.'Bright Eyes' is a symbol, an inspiration, and a self-proclaimed masterpiece that will always be cherished by the person which is myself.

Discovering you were alone at the beach
I edged closer, dropping on one knee
beside you.

Sunlight gleamed, turned a deeper
shade of dull red at some distant waters
we fixed with a burning gaze

Then our heads turned to
peer into each other's depths, as I reached out and
gripped your shoulder, you frowned.
Silence took the place of words.

I felt as though I had stepped through a magical window
only to emerge in a strange land where the normal logic of
the world was slightly askew

Yet your big, bright eyes burned the same color as the
flames that flared in the torches of my darkest nights.

I added amber to match your eyes.


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