Where the sun never sets

I'll take you to a place where the sun never sets. Because it shines forever in the heart that loves; it shines where the little things count: in the smile of the face, a warm embrace, and in the hand that reaches out.

It shines in the darkest night,
where a soul by the gloom
enslaved; it shines where you
can find it because you believe
it will--but it will because you believe--shine for all. For what is more delightful than by being a light to others? And through that light shining upon you, as in a candle, another will be lighted up on.

But you can add more gloom to light or light to the gloom. It all depends on you. I'll
take you to a place where the sun never sets and you must do your part. Try to look
good always so you don't add to the world's gloominess. Looking good is what the
heart radiates from the inside out.

Be the one that cares even with the little things. Love unconditionally and without
expectations. Never hate. Forgiveness is the way that leads to healing and freedom.
Give a lot, share. Inspire someone to do good, and being good. Laugh, find joy in
the everyday's and for whatever it may have brought about.

And as you gaze up at the sky at night you will notice that the stars twinkle not on
you when they should be supposed to. Be patient. It could be that the stars are
thinking of a way to match your brightness. But the light upon you could grow
weaker or stronger. It all depends on you, on how it is being used.

I'll take you to a place where the sun never sets and the night is a thing of the
past. The heart can light up a world. So you will know why the stars twinkle
not on you anymore.


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