My Journey

 Life is a journey. It is all about moving on--the eternal quest for something that you will, in the process, becomes a part of for good; to discover for that  which should truly belong to you and share. For it is only by this means that something is reproduced or increased--a positive motion. Life couldn't be possible without love for love is the Fountain of Life.

The journey should begin with love and stays for as long as forever. It is to totally understand when there is nothing to understand about because everything is clear and abstract at the same time. But yet, and always, the journey must be taken up no matter what and no matter how it is being viewed from all of sorts just as life is being given with so many meanings.

There are lots of surprises and you will, to some degree, surprise yourself as well.
Amazed for what the beautiful sunset you have just witnessed has granted you full
ownership of what it is you're finding out in things. The senses grow sharper, adding
more flesh to the bones of what is unfolding. Everything matters, nothing counts.

You will be gazing up at the stars at night and you will be entertained by the lots
of thoughts that could have sparked out of it and for that wanderlust to unleash. It
only brings the possibility of bridging the beyond for these thoughts to find their
marks out. We are all travelers--everything in creation--racing to where the path
may lead for its own fulfillment. And, with time ever faithful as it is, all will be taking
part of this cosmic dance to belong with.

These--and more, should be why this blog needs to hit the mark it was intended for.
This is what I can share but you, my dear readers, have to keep your heart and mind
open as if I have somewhat become your self's own. And along with it are my insights
enmeshed with the metaphors of its own poetry giving justice to the subjects being
viewed from such a perspective.

I will take you to my travels. But whether it is to take you to some paradisiacal lands
and distant shores or not, the journey continues. Because  the journey is not just all
about actually moving physically to see new vistas, but also of the mind and spirit.


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