If I could not bring you here

If I could not bring you  here to watch the things my eyes have seen, then go away with love and you'll be free. For seeing's just the outer coat of what the essence should contain. 

But look at that beautiful sunset--it's not there unless you find it. You cannot say "it's beautiful" unless you feel it in your heart. Everything  that I needed to see I saw where the vision fails.

So if I could not bring you here to watch the things I saw, then go away as a blind man. Seeing is not all there is, but to feel is everything. For though a flower has withered and lost its fragrance, it remains the flower we knew and loved.

But I know I can bring you here to watch the things I saw and our hearts will beat as one. This sunset before our very eyes would turn from beauty, to joy, to love. To feel like we are forever. Forever in a way that days and nights are, without a doubt, the means that preserve our here and now.

We are one with nature and nature has become what we would like to be. It is forever in as much as myself caught in the endless trap of sweet surrender.

You are here for as long as what captivates you. The flower is not a flower you saw superficially. You are the flower. You are one with nature and nature has become what you would like to be. The sight belongs to the heart that feels.

You are here to greet each day with a smile in your heart and the night with thanksgiving and prayers. You are here to give love, to care. You are here for the best that you can be.

You are here for all of what there is that you can bring with you along the way for good. You are here to restore what has been broken. You are here to cheer up and be an inspiration to others.

The traveler on the road knows where he is heading. And, like a true pilgrim, the Shrine lies where he can't see it because he was still too far away from his destination. He only feels it in the heart from a distance.


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