Forever and a day

Forever and a day is perhaps
what you can get from too much
of the best or worst of something.
A lot or a little like it directing the
way you think and feel. The sun
could rise, and from the way you
look at it, like an outburst of
emotion landscaped to the heart's
interior. Or you could say "I love
the countenance of morning".
Because you are a thing that loves
the countenance of morning.

But the rising sun could also be, from another perspective, Van Gogh's moon one
starry night of long ago. You can be a painter like him, or anybody else, to paint what
you like or choose what to paint. To color the sky with blue? Or just paint out your
self's own best or worst portrayal of something. From the stroke of the brush a
masterpiece shall emerge. And that is how Van Gogh immortalized himself in the
midst of torture.There's joy in pain.

Forever and a day is not about faking it all out. It's real. The best or worst of
something may differ from each one of us, but not always the thing you think is
best or worst is what it is. And it is in the finding out of it that you will discover: 
Forever and a day.

Forever and a day is what you can find best from the worst of things. It is to
balance, to adjust where the bias is. It is how we look at things. It is to make a
difference. For though there are times we cannot change situations, we can
always adjust our attitude towards them.

Forever and a day is what keeps you going. It is about letting go gracefully
and holding on at the same time. It is about seeing differently and one that goes
beyond the surface. It is about understanding the simple facts that lead to wisdom.
It is to hope, and give hope. It is about doing good, and being good. And, above
all, it is about love. It keeps us forever--even in a single day.


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