Fireworks in the sky

A friend of mine had once told
me that love is like a fireworks
display because it comes in a
flash of many colors and styles
and when it ends, it ends forever.
I asked him, "is that all?" He
paused for a while and said, "it
lets us see of the wonder of its
beauty and draws us more into it."

 I have seen many times already how a fireworks display could highlight an event or some very important occasions. It's so much entertaining to watch such a man-made wonder exploding impressively into the night sky that we want for some more when the whole thing could only last for about a few minutes to, perhaps the longest, an hour. It left us all in awe of its somewhat magical representation of light and colors.

But love is not a fireworks display. It is thunder and lightning--much rawer, naturally beautiful, and has a lot of power. It strikes from the sky to the ground finding its mark and you'll never be the same again once you're hit. The high voltage of its power could shock your very soul that you will be altered or transformed.

Love is most beautiful but it doesn't show itself as something what the eyes can only get from superficial seeing. It goes beyond the surface to really  witness the beauty of its nature. And once you've settled for that kind of thing, even in your darkest night or in the middle of a storm, expect a fireworks display in the sky unleashing its full fury.

For love is an active force of nature sufficient in itself. It doesn't  just show you the way but takes you there. Love knows what you need that it can supply. My friend was right. Love lets you see of the wonder of its beauty and draws you more into it. It's a fireworks display that never ends.


  1. I like this one...enjoyed readin'..keep writing...


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