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Monday, February 28, 2011

A purple flower

A purple flower is just a purple flower until you learn to see how it's beauty comes to life, mixes with the air that you breath, and chokes you up like your lungs could explode from suffocation. Then, after a few minutes, you wonder why you're still alive. You check on your wrist's pulse and it's still there working, the heartbeat normal, and the mind clear and intact.

  Suddenly, you woke up and realized it was all just a dream. But it was like actually real and alive. You could even still smell the pungent scent brushing through your nostrils like you couldn't smell anything else except only that. You started to worry if there's something wrong with yourself but insists on being just fine and okay. You called someone on the phone and nobody there on the other line to pick it up.You text and the message sending failed. A purple flower is just a purple flower until you learn to see how it's beauty comes to life, but you just can't get through it.

  Life could be sometimes like that. You feel like you're isolated from the rest of the world. You feel like you're being abandoned and that no one else just cared. You feel like there's something wrong with yourself or the world. You feel like you're all alone except for that purple flower that's been there for you letting you feel its presence in your every move; letting you know it exists.

  A purple flower is just a purple flower until you learn to see how its beauty comes to life. When the whole of the world turns its back on you, it's there that you can lean on. It could be just one of those ordinary things you have ignored, forgotten, or never given attention with. Or perhaps someone who really cares for you--a true friend, a loved one, or even a total stranger--and one that brings you hope and inspiration.

  But until you learn to see how its beauty comes to life, only then you will know that the purple flower is a life-giving thing keeping you alive.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fireworks in the sky

A friend of mine had once told
me that love is like a fireworks
display because it comes in a
flash of many colors and styles
and when it ends, it ends forever.
I asked him, "is that all?" He
paused for a while and said, "it
lets us see of the wonder of its
beauty and draws us more into it."

 I have seen many times already how a fireworks display could highlight an event or some very important occasions. It's so much entertaining to watch such a man-made wonder exploding impressively into the night sky that we want for some more when the whole thing could only last for about a few minutes to, perhaps the longest, an hour. It left us all in awe of its somewhat magical representation of light and colors.

But love is not a fireworks display. It is thunder and lightning--much rawer, naturally beautiful, and has a lot of power. It strikes from the sky to the ground finding its mark and you'll never be the same again once you're hit. The high voltage of its power could shock your very soul that you will be altered or transformed.

Love is most beautiful but it doesn't show itself as something what the eyes can only get from superficial seeing. It goes beyond the surface to really  witness the beauty of its nature. And once you've settled for that kind of thing, even in your darkest night or in the middle of a storm, expect a fireworks display in the sky unleashing its full fury.

For love is an active force of nature sufficient in itself. It doesn't  just show you the way but takes you there. Love knows what you need that it can supply. My friend was right. Love lets you see of the wonder of its beauty and draws you more into it. It's a fireworks display that never ends.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

By the seaside

By the seaside, love shines the
brightest and sets where the
feeling knows no gloom. For
what do you know about love
in its very primitive form? It
feeds you through the senses
with the capacity of what your
heart can fully absorb; it can hold
you forever in its grasp with the
boldness of intent that shapes
you to become what you can fit best.

By the seaside, I learn to love what  there is more to loving when loving's but a thing most misunderstood. To love is to ask without being demanding; to own without being possessive; to give without expecting  anything in return; and to love unconditionally and without end.

By the seaside, I can see for what only matters and it matters most because I feel in my heart that to love is all about what myself becomes a part of. For what do you know about love in its very primitive form? It haunts you like a ghost till your sanity's lost but provides you with the eyes that you can only be wise that way.

By the seaside, there's an ear that listens, eyes that watch, and a heart that feels. You can be what you like to be and your soul could rest well where the silence is. For what do you know about love in its very primitive form? It builds you a home to dwell upon.

By the seaside everything's changed. The heartbeat slows down, sight dims, voice becomes parched, and the wind blows coldest. For what do you know about love in its very primitive form? It draws you more to itself till you die by the seaside where life is everlasting and the love never ends. The sky, the sea, the sun and the shore. The sound of peace and calm. For, like the seaside, nothing holds strongest than what true love can.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Shrine of Magellan's Cross

The place was Cebu City, central
Philippines. The Shrine stood just
beside Basilica del Santo NiƱo
Church. It was in that particular
place where Ferdinand Magellan,
a Portuguese explorer who served
for the king of Spain, first planted
the Cross of Christianity he carried
with him in his journey from Spain.

  I was  lucky to bear witness the
remains of what would prove as one of  history's most daring expeditions--the Magellan expedition. He was the first man to circumnavigate the world and has successfully done and proved what no man in his time ever did and tried--to reach the East by sailing West. Back then, explorers and navigators were always haunted by the fear of the unknown, from sailing towards the untried. It would seem like this expedition is a gamble but it was, for Magellan who brought along with him several ships and men, a risk worth taking. He was by far a true explorer at heart. His vision his heart alone can see and he knew, for sure, where he was heading.

  Christianity, among other things, was Spain's greatest contribution to this part of the world. And it has been made possible through that voyage Magellan has taken up reaching the islands on March 16, 1521 which would later be called the Philippine Islands. He first called the islands Archipelago de San Lazaro because it was on the date of the festivity of Saint Lazaro when he arrived into the still-to-be-named shores. He later named the islands Las Islas Felipenas in honor of the king of Spain, Felipe.

  The Shrine of Magellan's cross has become, for me, a symbol of hope and refuge for all of the travelers from all walks of life who happened to reach this place for some reasons or retreat, and perhaps for some very important reasons, recharging the inner self for another day of spending it all out for good. The journey could still be perhaps a way longer, or even farthest, and this was just one of the stopovers. Inside, you could light up a candle and meditate. Or you could go directly to the Church located just beside it and pray.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where the sun never sets

I'll take you to a place where the sun never sets. Because it shines forever in the heart that loves; it shines where the little things count: in the smile of the face, a warm embrace, and in the hand that reaches out.

It shines in the darkest night,
where a soul by the gloom
enslaved; it shines where you
can find it because you believe
it will--but it will because you believe--shine for all. For what is more delightful than by being a light to others? And through that light shining upon you, as in a candle, another will be lighted up on.

But you can add more gloom to light or light to the gloom. It all depends on you. I'll
take you to a place where the sun never sets and you must do your part. Try to look
good always so you don't add to the world's gloominess. Looking good is what the
heart radiates from the inside out.

Be the one that cares even with the little things. Love unconditionally and without
expectations. Never hate. Forgiveness is the way that leads to healing and freedom.
Give a lot, share. Inspire someone to do good, and being good. Laugh, find joy in
the everyday's and for whatever it may have brought about.

And as you gaze up at the sky at night you will notice that the stars twinkle not on
you when they should be supposed to. Be patient. It could be that the stars are
thinking of a way to match your brightness. But the light upon you could grow
weaker or stronger. It all depends on you, on how it is being used.

I'll take you to a place where the sun never sets and the night is a thing of the
past. The heart can light up a world. So you will know why the stars twinkle
not on you anymore.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I can light you a candle

If you would let me, I can light you a candle. When your world needs color that I can add; when you can't find the way out to the open; when you're down and troubled--I can be a friend.

I can light you a candle, if you would let me, everyday of your life: your darkest night will be no more. But, if you would just let me, I can light you a candle everywhere.

For there I am in the air that you breathe in the gloom of the day when you reach for a hand to take you away; there I am in the tears that you shed when the pains that you felt broke your heart.

There I am glowing, wanting to be tangled. I can light you a candle
when your world needs color that I can add. Your heart will have
wings like I have mine. You can see things that I saw. You will be
in the place that I go. The joy of getting there--

I am your masterpiece, you are my artist.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Forever and a day

Forever and a day is perhaps
what you can get from too much
of the best or worst of something.
A lot or a little like it directing the
way you think and feel. The sun
could rise, and from the way you
look at it, like an outburst of
emotion landscaped to the heart's
interior. Or you could say "I love
the countenance of morning".
Because you are a thing that loves
the countenance of morning.

But the rising sun could also be, from another perspective, Van Gogh's moon one
starry night of long ago. You can be a painter like him, or anybody else, to paint what
you like or choose what to paint. To color the sky with blue? Or just paint out your
self's own best or worst portrayal of something. From the stroke of the brush a
masterpiece shall emerge. And that is how Van Gogh immortalized himself in the
midst of torture.There's joy in pain.

Forever and a day is not about faking it all out. It's real. The best or worst of
something may differ from each one of us, but not always the thing you think is
best or worst is what it is. And it is in the finding out of it that you will discover: 
Forever and a day.

Forever and a day is what you can find best from the worst of things. It is to
balance, to adjust where the bias is. It is how we look at things. It is to make a
difference. For though there are times we cannot change situations, we can
always adjust our attitude towards them.

Forever and a day is what keeps you going. It is about letting go gracefully
and holding on at the same time. It is about seeing differently and one that goes
beyond the surface. It is about understanding the simple facts that lead to wisdom.
It is to hope, and give hope. It is about doing good, and being good. And, above
all, it is about love. It keeps us forever--even in a single day.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

If I could not bring you here

If I could not bring you  here to watch the things my eyes have seen, then go away with love and you'll be free. For seeing's just the outer coat of what the essence should contain. 

But look at that beautiful sunset--it's not there unless you find it. You cannot say "it's beautiful" unless you feel it in your heart. Everything  that I needed to see I saw where the vision fails.

So if I could not bring you here to watch the things I saw, then go away as a blind man. Seeing is not all there is, but to feel is everything. For though a flower has withered and lost its fragrance, it remains the flower we knew and loved.

But I know I can bring you here to watch the things I saw and our hearts will beat as one. This sunset before our very eyes would turn from beauty, to joy, to love. To feel like we are forever. Forever in a way that days and nights are, without a doubt, the means that preserve our here and now.

We are one with nature and nature has become what we would like to be. It is forever in as much as myself caught in the endless trap of sweet surrender.

You are here for as long as what captivates you. The flower is not a flower you saw superficially. You are the flower. You are one with nature and nature has become what you would like to be. The sight belongs to the heart that feels.

You are here to greet each day with a smile in your heart and the night with thanksgiving and prayers. You are here to give love, to care. You are here for the best that you can be.

You are here for all of what there is that you can bring with you along the way for good. You are here to restore what has been broken. You are here to cheer up and be an inspiration to others.

The traveler on the road knows where he is heading. And, like a true pilgrim, the Shrine lies where he can't see it because he was still too far away from his destination. He only feels it in the heart from a distance.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Journey

 Life is a journey. It is all about moving on--the eternal quest for something that you will, in the process, becomes a part of for good; to discover for that  which should truly belong to you and share. For it is only by this means that something is reproduced or increased--a positive motion. Life couldn't be possible without love for love is the Fountain of Life.

The journey should begin with love and stays for as long as forever. It is to totally understand when there is nothing to understand about because everything is clear and abstract at the same time. But yet, and always, the journey must be taken up no matter what and no matter how it is being viewed from all of sorts just as life is being given with so many meanings.

There are lots of surprises and you will, to some degree, surprise yourself as well.
Amazed for what the beautiful sunset you have just witnessed has granted you full
ownership of what it is you're finding out in things. The senses grow sharper, adding
more flesh to the bones of what is unfolding. Everything matters, nothing counts.

You will be gazing up at the stars at night and you will be entertained by the lots
of thoughts that could have sparked out of it and for that wanderlust to unleash. It
only brings the possibility of bridging the beyond for these thoughts to find their
marks out. We are all travelers--everything in creation--racing to where the path
may lead for its own fulfillment. And, with time ever faithful as it is, all will be taking
part of this cosmic dance to belong with.

These--and more, should be why this blog needs to hit the mark it was intended for.
This is what I can share but you, my dear readers, have to keep your heart and mind
open as if I have somewhat become your self's own. And along with it are my insights
enmeshed with the metaphors of its own poetry giving justice to the subjects being
viewed from such a perspective.

I will take you to my travels. But whether it is to take you to some paradisiacal lands
and distant shores or not, the journey continues. Because  the journey is not just all
about actually moving physically to see new vistas, but also of the mind and spirit.

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