Tuesday, July 22, 2014

World War III is a battle to preserve humanity from those who would like to completely destroy it

If it's the game of chess, nations are now key-positioning their pieces for a duel. No matter how well the game may be played and won, in the end it's a loss to humanity. A nuclear war would make our planet inhabitable for at least a thousand years.

I had just finished reading a news article about the latest conflict in Gaza between Israeli soldiers and Hamas militants when I decided to write this post. It seems like every corner of the world today are in a state of chaos, not to mention the brewing conflicts or disputes in other parts of the globe that are feared to become major military flash points. The world, as things went, is on the brink of a great disaster.

The Syrian civil war, which already took more than 150, 000 lives, is now on its fourth year.  Northern Iraq has been laid hostage to an extremist group called the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). Then there’s this plane crash of a Malaysian jet liner carrying almost 300 passengers thought to have been shot down from the ground with a Soviet-made missile held by pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine’s eastern front.

China has become more assertive than ever in bullying and occupying territories of neighboring countries. North Korea is always a threat to the free world. The US is wary of Iran which it feared may be possessing weapons of mass destruction. Libya is showing signs of instability and might blow up anytime soon if security concerns there are not properly addressed.

Japan, India, and the rest of the South East Asian countries are building up and strengthening their military in preparation for a possible armed confrontation with China. Australia has considered about bolstering its submarine warfare capability to deter China’s growing navy. The only thing needed now is who would fire the first shot.

World War III is just around the corner. But as a human being, you have in your own hands the power to either prevent it from happening or to allow it. You must remember that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, as what Edmund Burke puts it, is for good men to do nothing.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why are Israelis and Palestinians fighting against each other?

The latest conflict erupting in the Middle East between Hamaz guerillas in Gaza (Palestine) and Israeli forces is nothing new to us. Both historical and biblical accounts claimed about a feud between closely-related races of people coming from a partly the same lineage yet cannot seal a peace deal with each other once and for all.

The main reason for the conflict was land. Palestinians accused Israelis to have illegally taken and occupied their country. But it may have also been for a much deep-seated reason: Battle for dominance or rivalry.

Coming from the same Abrahamic bloodline
Israelis and Arabs are, in fact, cousins coming from the same Abrahamic bloodline. Abraham’s first born was Ismael through Hagar, an Egyptian maid servant. It was Abraham’s wife Sarah who instructed him to produce a child for her through the Egyptian maid servant as she was barren and, at that time, already old. And so Ismael, the father of the Arab nations, was born. But as the boy grew up, Sarah felt jealous of Hagar and hers son and so she sent the two away.

The birth of two nations
When Sarah was 90 years old, a miracle happened to her and she conceived in her womb a child. She gave birth to a son they named Isaac. Isaac had twin sons named Jacob and Esau. But they are twins who are very different from each other. Esau was a ruddy, hairy, energetic hunter while his twin brother Jacob, on the other hand, grew up to be a soft-spoken, rather conservative sheep herder.

Isaac favored Esau over Jacob because he would always have something to bring home from his hunting activity. But Sarah liked Jacob over Esau. When the two grew up to become young adults, Esau sold his birthright to his twin brother Jacob in exchange of a bowl of red bean stew that he cooked. And not only that, Jacob had stolen, with the help of his mother Rebekah, Esau’s blessing from their father Isaac.

Esau was away hunting when Isaac called on his favorite son so he could bless him. Isaac was already very old and couldn’t see anymore. Rebekah took up Esau’s coat then and instructed Jacob to wear them. When Esau returned from the fields and upon learning that his brother deceived him, he was very angry and vowed to take his twin brother’s life. 

The anointment of Israel
Rebekah sent Jacob away to his relatives in Haran. And while Jacob was on his way on a long journey to his mother’s place of origin, he reached a certain place by which he decided to spend the night for. He took up a slab of rock to serve as a pillow. But as the night went deeper, he was dreaming. He dreamed about a stairway to heaven with angels going up and down.

And just before the break of dawn when he woke up from sleep only to find out that he was already wrestling with a heavenly being. Jacob suffered a broken limb as a result of that but continued to fight yet until he prevailed. The heavenly being he has come to wrestle with pleaded to release him before sunrise. But Jacob demanded the heavenly being that he would bless him in exchange of his release. So he blessed Jacob and even changed his name to Israel.

Israel’s 12 tribes
In Haran, Jacob married his two cousins Leah and Rachel by whom he bore many children with. He also bore children with his wives’ handmaidens Bilhah and Zilpah. Jacob had a total of 12 children who became the twelve tribes of Israel namely: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Gad, Asher, Joseph, Benjamin, Dan, and Naphtali.

The term Israel only came to exist after Jacob. His father Isaac should not be called Israelite nor of his grandfather Abraham who came from the land of Ur in Mesopotamia area either. The term Jews should refer to the descendants of Judah, one of Israel’s sons.

10 lost tribes of Israel
Descendants of the 10 of Israel’s sons (also called the House of Israel occupying the northern kingdom) had been lost in the mists of history. They are called the 10 lost tribes of Israel. Bible scholars thought that these 10 lost tribes of Israel were mixed up in the nations emerging in what is now the modern Europe.

Israel then has only two tribes left: The tribes of Judah and Benjamin who were also called as the House of Judah occupying the southern kingdom with Jerusalem as the capital city. Esau’s descendants, on the other hand, occupied the southeastern most portion of Israel with some parts now belonging to present day Jordan. Most bible scholars would refer to Esau, whose name was later on changed to Edom, as the progenitor of the Turks.

Israeli diaspora
The Israeli diaspora began when the kingdom of Babylon conquered the kingdom of Judah in 6th century B.C.E. King Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian ruler, ordered the destruction of the First Temple and took with him as many Israeli prisoners of war as he could take and as well as in the series of conquests by another powerful kingdoms after Babylon. This was how the Israeli population was scattered throughout the many parts of the world. Right after World War II, Israelis from the many parts of the globe decided to return to their homeland to rebuild it.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Are we now heading to the Straight Path of Aquino’s dictatorship?

"Men rise from one ambition to another: first, they seek to secure themselves against attack, and then they attack others."—Niccolo Machiavelli

President BS Aquino's contentious stand against the Supreme Court is to show of what is a lethal combination of ignorance and arrogance. The Supreme Court has declared his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) unconstitutional. Does the end justify the means here? The end here is unconstitutional, and so was the means.

The president is supposed to respect and protect the constitution of the Republic of the Philippines with a presidential form of government wherein power is equally divided among its three branches: the executive, judiciary, and legislative.

His bribery to some of the senators and congressmen in exchange for the impeachment of former chief justice Renato Corona was a classic example of usurpation of congress’s power by a president. He was using the DAP fund for that campaign.

The best weapon of dictatorship, as what Neils Bohr puts it, is secrecy, but the best weapon of democracy is openness. What president Aquino does in secret, he will insist to be right and for the good of the people when exposed. Transparency is what the Filipino people (whom he called boss) want no matter how good his intention as president.

His Tuwid na Daan (Straight Path) advocacy would have been most sincere if it was aimed at prosecuting corrupt government officials--they may be an opposition or an ally--and not for his personal or political vendetta. Ironically, he was even defending some corrupt government officials because they're allies. If he insists so that he will become someone who is above the law already, then goodbye constitution. Goodbye democracy.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Longevity is a choice and a decision

A vegan diet is the best diet. God instructed the first human beings in the persons of Adam and Eve to go vegan (Read Genesis 1: 29). Meat as food was only introduced after the Great Deluge in the time of Noah when all the green things were destroyed in the face of the Earth. Noah and his family had to wait until the plants start growing again so they could have them to consume as foods.

Diet matters
There’s a big difference in the life span of people living before the Global Flood and after that. Before the destruction of the whole world with water, people lived longer lives than the ones who came to live after. The difference is in the diet. Methuselah, the oldest human being to have lived at 969 years old (Read Genesis 5: 27), was eating the vegan diet in his entire life.

Moses, who was born in the post deluge era where meat has become an accepted food, died at 120 years old--a far cry from what was Methuselah’s almost a millennium.

But what about the vegans of today, would they also live for centuries because of their diet? I’m sure most of you, if not all, would disagree.   

Longevity to consist many factors
Longevity is caused by a lot of factors and diet is just one of them. The human DNA may also play a very significant role. The human being may have been designed to have perfect DNA infused in the systems of Adam and Eve. Inbreeding may have caused for the genes to mutate and to represent less of what was the original with each generation. And as the human DNA becomes defective, it turns against itself. So that’s why there’s aging, degeneration, and decay in human beings as well as in other living organisms.

The climate may have also been a factor. Before the Flood, the Earth experienced no rain. But water comes out of the earth to water the plants. It was only during the actual flood that the Earth experienced rain for the first time. The atmosphere during that time may have been protecting the people from harmful cosmic radiation that can cause genetic mutations and abnormalities.

In Daniel 1:12, the choice of diet also brought best results. Instead of taking a portion of the king’s food to eat and wine to drink, Daniel has chosen the vegan diet. Daniel pleaded the head of the eunuch to only give him and his companion pulses to eat and water to drink in ten days period as an experiment.

Vegan diet, moderation in everything, clean environment, healthy lifestyle, and living in righteousness--these and more--are the key to longevity. You may not live like Methuselah, but you would surely prolong your life a little more at that.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why is China making waves in the East and South China Seas?

Regarded as the world’s second largest economy and with a growing military might, China is on a clear display of arrogance and conceitedness against her neighboring countries. She’s the one provoking tensions and her bullying tactics not only multiplied her enemies but also unite them all against her.

But why is China doing this? Is she out of her mind? Why is she grabbing territories based on a bogus claim? The so-called 9-dash-line claim of China is actually a work of fiction. What do China really wants? 

China wants the world to recognize her as a super power state. She wants to feel how it’s like to belong in the top powerful nations of the world. She also wants to create fear among the smaller, weaker neighboring countries.

The problem with China is that she won’t officially declare a war. We’re at war with her already. Her illegal occupation of our remote islands should be considered an invasion, or what else do we like to call it?

Chinese leaders think that the world would tolerate or allow her to do what she likes. She thinks the world needs her more than she needs the international community of nations. It wouldn’t come as a surprise though--that way of thinking.

China is, unfortunately, governed by closed-minded leaders. And what can you expect out of these leaders? Plain stupidity is the main thing for them. I would like to make it clear that we’re not against the Chinese people here in general. But some of her leaders blemished it big time for whatever good reputations she had been keeping.

It’s just a cover up for what is actually an act of greed. China wants to acquire more to sustain her growing domestic needs. If she can’t feed her people anymore, she will implode. Her house of cards would be revealed then.

CONCLUSION: No matter how much China is willing to spend to upgrade its military she will never ever surpass or even equal that of the U.S. Her peaceful rise as a nation depends much on her attitude. She must learn to respect if she wants to be respected; respect begets respect. Or she can do what she wants and take full responsibility for the consequences of her actions.